marzo 04, 2017

How to get bigger lips with makeup, get your 3D lips effect in five simple steps


If you want to really make a spectacular lips make-up and you would like to wear one of the new trends of this 2017, follow this tutorial how to make 3D lips step by step and I assure you that the results will be fantastic.

Step number one:

Exfoliate your lips, this is the first step to getting that your lips look radiant and more fleshy, also this help to the makeup that applique is set very well to your lips.

How do you do it?

Use a toothbrush wet and massage gently with circular motions for 5 minutes, will notice the difference after doing so.


At the end of the exfoliation must very well moisturize your lips after removing dead cells the makeup it penetrates more, you can use a balm moisturizer for this step.

The choice of color, this is one of them steps more important as before apply a lip or even buy it, is important that know that so well you go to your lips, for this applies a little in the yolk of them fingers, just in the area that more is seems to them lips, so you know if the color is ideal for you.

To identify which tones of lipstick you are best according to your tone of skin, can make it looking your veins and if are green your tone is warm and if are purple then your tone is cold if you see that are combined have a tone neutral that you are well all them tones of lipsticks.

Here share with you more information on the tones of lip if you like to know which are them tones warm of the lipstick and also I share with you what are tones cold to you have an idea.


To give definition to your lips only must outline with a pencil of the tone of your skin bordering them lips by outside, this besides to define also corrects the imperfections.


To make your 3D lips effect last more and that not leave you to the half of the party,  make outlines in the same tone that is set.

HOW TO: Ombre Lips Tutorial

Lips 3D effect

If you want to increase your size only you must apply a tone lighter in the center of the lower lip, this detail will make you look boast 3D lips and lead this extraordinary trend.

marzo 02, 2017

2017 Makeup Trends, Good News About Makeup

makeup trends-new trends-makeup tips

In the year 2017 in terms of makeup trends have given a 360 degree turn since after taking a look with a makeup style such as contour, this year we entered into something totally different and very subtle with little application of make-up, a technique very interesting and easy to learn, so girls will invite them this tutorial in where you'll share them exactly are trends that more is are taking the makeup for this 2017 and of course which products are the most recommendable to look this radiant look, very natural indeed and truly excites me to tell you, it is one of my favourite looks. Well it fails to turn to the matter and the action:

First trend:

Applying the base for this 2017 because won't complete coverage of our skin, but it will be a layer very thin base, a first, cream or bb cream cc, according to the type of skin you have, to have a finish softer and your skin looks more natural.

The second that you have to do to make you look not like super made-up and more like you're taking this new trend is to apply only a translucent powder that for any shade of skin will be much more natural.

It is highly recommended for this new trend, to use a BB cream since it saves a few steps in the makeup and also provide us with hydration, color, Sun protection, and some correction which is what we seek to achieve, that the coverage is not complete but mild, some also provide a firming factor and antioxidants.

With the CC Cream, we will achieve greater correction, are more lightweight and less clogged pores, but also provide more coverage, like a makeup base.

Second trend for this 2017

Uses a single shade, preferably silvered color since it is wearing the look wet type, meaning that your face seems to be so natural, that give the impression to be subtly wet.

Recommended for this 2017 shadow colors are the Platinum, example copper silver etc.

And also you can apply the same color of lipstick and eye shadow and blush.

Third trend makeup 2017

Delineated very subtle and fade, if you want to lead the new trend to forget for a moment the perfect eyeliner , now will be a finish more blur.

Fourth 2017 makeup trend

Super tabs populated, this is the part that I like everything and it's this looks super cute, does see your look much more marked and eyes larger, whether you use tabs or not, you should apply enough mascara doesn't matter that lumps there because this is part of the look.

Fifth 2017 makeup trend

Use bronzer, this will give more naturalness to your face, for a look more natural use it to make the contour of your face.

makeup trends-2017 makeup trends-makeup

Sixth 2017 makeup trend

Use an illuminator:

The illuminator is one of the most important in this new makeup trend is that this step will make your face appears to be totally natural, as if it was a little wet, highlighting with those key points of your face, such as for example the bone of nose, cheekbones etc.

And finally, the lips that are like the loop of the gift, a detail that cannot fall behind.

3D Lips Makeup
Step-By-Step 3D Lips Makeup Tutorial | Claire Dim

For this new stage of the makeup will use colors of lipstick red, Cherry, black, colors came, Brown dark, grape and di goodbye to the tone Matt by at least one good time because the gloss returns to the fashion, applied on your pencil lip and you really as all a Queen in this season of trends that make the difference.

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febrero 25, 2017

Like to be a professional in makeup, you would like to do it professionally?

Image copyright license by Aline Caterine

Glow makeup for beginners by Lana Vallo, as its name indicates  is a video course for newbies, in which you will have the opportunity of learning as works each technical of makeup and which is it form correctly of applying it, to get a look completely professional, as this course has as objective main that your learn to be a professional. where you will learn techniques of professional makeup step by step in a simple and very well explained and I liked about everything is that after taking the course they send you a certificate where consists you are already a professional makeup.

I will comment you are the points addressed in this course of professional makeup for beginners:

  • You will understand which are the instruments and necessary make-up and that can not miss in your trousseau of beauty.
  • Work ethic, how to keep everything in order when it comes to working professionally.
  • Explains in a simple way as it is that runs the theory of color, to my, in particular, I loved this theme of the course and understand many things of makeup and selection of colors than before not understood. 
  • Care of the skin and everything you need to know about the hygiene of the face.
  • You will learn as having a skin flawless, for perfect coverage.
  • Step by step instructions to conceal the defects of the skin. 
  • Select the Blush, tones to use for each skin tone.
  • Identify different forms of the faces and bone structure, corrective make-up techniques.
  • Contour Makeup Technical.
  • Different forms of eyebrows and correction of your shape naturally. 
  • Ways to the eye and the different ways of correction.
  • How to select eyeshadows.
  • Natural eye makeup techniques.
  • Evening eye makeup techniques.
  • Different technical corrective makeup for a better look.
  • know what labial bars have long-lasting.
  • Applying glitter and stones to the makeup and how to use the brilliant colors of makeup.
glow makeup-beginners-by lana vallo
Image copyright license by Lana Vallo

On the web you will find many free videos of makeup, usually,  you don't understand them because they do not explain what is really important to know in order to understand what they are doing. It is normal as most of them only are doing reviews on any product.

I can tell you the truth, in my opinion, is a very complete course felt already I saw him and I highly recommend it for girls looking to make the makeup in a professional manner and engage in make-up, whether you want to have a business or be a YouTuber, this course  give you what you need.

The creator of this course is Lana, will be your guide and mentor in all the way of learning, has more than 12 years in the business of makeup and beauty, the truth from my own experience I can tell you that it is very professional and explains very well each technical makeup, as the name of the course said it step by step and you know nothing about makeup If you are a rookie make you a professional in the area.

If you are interested in the course Glow Makeup for beginners By Lana Vallo click here!