octubre 10, 2016

6 Errors still committed to applying mask and that should eradicate

Shadow here and there, shade that Yes, without forgetting the mask, which is necessary to achieve a look of dreamlike and captivating eyelashes. Not failure. Touch that brings the mascara has become an essential complement of simple application in the theory which, however, also entail certain 'goodies' in practice.

You like to know what? Don't miss the following tips detail and avoid egregious failures, as spots of ink on eyelids, cheeks and fingers that can ruin a feten makeup. Get to work!

#6 Always horizontal Movement 
How you apply eye mask? The universal answer is with horizontal movements from below, right? Not bad. It is correct. But also can give you any layer with the brush in position vertical, as if of the glass cleaner of the car is concerned. The final effect will be incredible!

#5 do curl eyelashes after mascara?

Error, itself, is a mistake, because you can break your lashes very easily. The first step is to curl them and, subsequently, you will have to put the product on them. Don't you forget. Here, the order of the factors, if alter the result.

                                                                                                        #4 Looking down 

The rush or the pulse can lead some horrible spots on the eyelid when the ink is still wet. Go slaughter! They are not anything aesthetic, but 100% preventable if we take into account of the following advice: look to the floor for a couple of seconds. That time will be necessary for effective drying and will put an end to those dreaded 'black splotches' which desperate to anyone. But there is also solution when they are already inevitable by wetting the tip of a cotton swab in camuflador Foundation. Ready! You have no excuse to look perfect.

#3 hurry product
Remove and remove to get to the last drop of mask can have an effect counterproductive. Although it seems incredible. This pumping incessant usually end with air not desired that motivates the appearance of bacteria in the bottle. These particles dry the product, generating a ' effect spider ' nothing aesthetic in our tabs. If like rush, try to bend or twist the container.

#2 Excess of ink on the tip

Very common, also, is the excess of mascara in the tip of the brush. What happens? Ink comes to the inner eye corners and creates unsightly spots casting by land a nice look and an accomplice. Look well to each application, and if you feel that excess, remove it with a little bit of paper. You only have to be attentive.

#1 second layer at the end of the day?
It's time the touch-up and we believe that a second cpa at the end of the day is a brilliant idea... no and a thousand times no! The mascara does not is a lipstick. Not an eye pencil. Prevents that second layer, that is converted in a ' glob ', unless the time you allow makeup you for return to makeup. How says the proverb, sometimes the remedy is worse that the disease. Apply to it!

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