octubre 10, 2016

Tips to grow hair faster

For some women it is a real torture to letting your hair grow healthy, strong and with the volume that all are looking for. Why? Perhaps because they do not fully hydrated, because not they take into account the necessary care of the hair so that it is always in your best elixir, or simply because they do not brush enough.

Quiet! If this problem has a solution, and today will give them the solution in our video of TipsiMujer with all the tricks to grow hair fast, strong and healthy.

Brush your hair constantly

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We are going to start with one of the most simple and easy to perform tips: brush your hair. Because, Yes, and this simple task is perhaps as fundamental to supplement any other recommendation that your stylist you send.

The fact is that you we need to brush the hair at least a three times a day, for a few minutes. This brushing will fulfill the same function as a relaxing massage and stimulate the scalp, so we do grow fast, strong and healthy hair.

Trimming tips

Trim the ends is a recommendation all the stylists to send and that we never usually comply with all too often. Am I wrong? It is best to trim the ends of the hair every three to six months to give strength to that new hairs grow and regenerate.

Also, recalls, all it bad that is located in the tips of your hair can damage the hair hydrated of them estate.

Massage of oil hot

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Hot oil massages can be restored many of the damages that were practically recent hair.

But, beware! Not you can use any kind of oil; used maybe an oil of almonds or any other product that contains ingredients moisturizing and natural.

As for the massage, with a few minutes you'll reach to notice more smooth, silky hair. Try it!

Rinse with water cold

This is one of the tip of beauty hair you've recommended on more than one occasion. Is that really works!

When you wash your hair, the final rinse should be with cold water. This seals the cuticles of the hair, which makes it grow much faster and, in addition, gives it a shine and an incredible hair softness, because it also makes the hair fibers to better reflect the light.

Use egg white

Finally, many people think that indeed egg whites do not provide faster growth or much less. But what we lose with trying, right? Eggs have many curative properties, and make a mask for hair with egg whites is really very simple. Then? Just expand them by the hair and leave for a few hours.

Already have some few tips of beauty for implement if what you are looking for is achieve that your hair grow more quickly, more strong, more healthy. Try them! I assure you that are really very effective.

Also I recommend a treatment natural for the hair and use mayonnaise in the hair. And if want to see more not you lose them 10 tips for a hair perfect.

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