octubre 16, 2016

How to care for the hair in its entirety

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Them treatments for the hair removed the dandruff, but... would how care for the hair in its whole?

I am proud to endorse a product that allows to treat dandruff by its formula with unique ingredients, and at the same time leave the hair healthy and beautiful. The composition of the shampoos and conditioners of head & shoulders has gone through more than seven processes of patent application to protect its exclusive formula and has the sole endorsement of CILAD (College Ibero Latin American of Dermatology)Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner 23.7 Fluid ounce (Pack of 2) (packaging may vary)

I can guarantee that, beyond keeping the scalp healthy and treat dandruff, the shampoos and conditioners of head & shoulders are able to strengthen each hair strand from root and also leave hair soft and beautiful.

They respond, in turn, to specific subjects such as the fall of hair with the versions fall protection for women and prevention fall for men; Citrus Fresh for the control of the oily scalp; the hydration of the leather scalp dry thanks to the version moisturizes, that moisturizes six times more (*) with its formula DermaSense with pH balanced and extract of oil of almond; and, finally, Sensitive hypoallergenic formula provides the most sensitive scalps.

Find more information on all the versions of head & shoulders in www.head&shoulders.com.XX, where can see a table comparative of them features special of each shampoo and conditioner.

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