octubre 24, 2016

Trends and the best beauty for end of 2016

If you're a girl that always makes all it possible by be to the fashion and verse very well, put attention to the trends of beauty 2016 that you will make look incredible.

Several studies have revealed that most young women prefer to wear little makeup to give a more natural look.

Po other side a study made by the Association for the research of means of communication of Spain, says that while them men prefer the quality and them marks, them women is lean by them trends.

Therefore, you must know beauty 2016 trends.

For the rest of the winter is recommended a natural look  with intense splashes of colour in strategic areas such as the eyes, lips and nails.


The trend will be face washed, so it tries to achieve a very natural image where to highlight the life and freshness of your face.


Since the face is recommended as natural as possible, for eyes you can use tones and intense textures that give prominence to your look.Almay Intense I-Color Defining Liner, For Hazel Eyes, Teal, 0.025 Ounce

You can use colors such as gold, copper and Brown.L.A. Minerals Brown Shimmer Eye Shadow - Espresso, Ucanbe Matte Eye Shadow Palette 12 Shades Natural Nude Naked Shades Pigmented Eyeshadow Kit With 4pcs Professional Eye Shadow Brush Set


You can also use intense tones such as Browns, chocolate, plum and cherryCOVERGIRL Colorlicious Rich Color Lipstick, Succulent Cherry .12 oz (3.5 g) See more..


It is recommended to paint with one colour and dark as coffee, purple, green, grey and black tonesOPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Collection Holiday 2016 "The Classics" Nail Lacquer

Once concluded the winter is expect big trends for the spring of 2016, among which stand out:


There is that highlight a skin fresh and bright, with little makeup is must achieve an effect radiant and original. Everyone can wear gold giving plenty of light.


The look can be armored with shades of blue as the sky, electric and cobalt.


As in winter, to preserve the cherry but tones will also be fashionable meat or natural.

Follows these trends of beauty 2016 you have mentioned and get ready to look amazing this year that is about to begin.

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