octubre 25, 2016

What to do on Halloween? 8 plans to spend a night of fear

Them witches, them zombies, them brides corpse, them skeletons and them pumpkins are the great protagonists of this party. Beyond the famous "trick or treat" that American children proclaim door by door that night in order to get candy, we propose you some plans that you can not resist.

Can choose between a party of costumes, a trip, some experience esoteric or, if prefer a plan more quiet, always can choose a mythical film of those that you make squeeze a pad every two minutes and look to the television between them hollow of your fingers. Be which is your preference, here you have a list of eight plans for a night horrifically unforgettable. Take note!

Costume party Skeleton, witch, Vampire, bride corpse, presidiaria... Are so many them costumes that can find these days in any shop that will have problems to decide yourself. It first that you must have in has is that to wear your costume of Halloween, is important that first have a party to which go...

If you live in a city, you will have a variety of clubs with theme parties that you can go with your friends to enjoy a night of terror and, incidentally, to demonstrate originality in the guise that you've purchased. Another of the most common options are the holidays at home: by way of "American movie", with red punch glasses included. Can you imagine it? In addition, a party at home can offer you the option of spending the night with your closest friends. Here are some recommendations for the best costume.

Fun terrifying in the Park of attractions

If you are a lover of strong emotions and more on a day like this, you must spend on 31 October by any amusement park. In addition to the highs of adrenaline that experienced in these complex, them parks of attractions scheduled a series of activities for Halloween that you will leave without breath.

In the case of the capital, can visit the Park Warner or the Park of attractions of Madrid, that all them years performs shows special and that always hides some that another surprise in his mythical House of the terror. For his part, Port adventure offers also plans for Halloween from September until November, with shows of fear and a package tourist thought to travel in family with them more small.

And if like something still more spectacular, Disneyland Paris is your choice perfect. Halloween is the only day of the year in which adults can go dressed as Disney characters, so you must first think about if you want to be as Elsa, Ariel or Jasmine or, conversely, if you are a fan of the evil Ursula, Cruella de Vil or maleficent. For the occasion also, the mythical Park is fill of surprises, with an environment chilling with all them villains of their films, with a decoration designed especially for this day and with a parade led by Mickey and their friends and full of music and color. Fancy, really?

The horror film Marathon

Blanket, popcorn and movie plan is another of the classics of the night of Halloween. The cold and rain often invite us to stay at home with some friends, organize a girls dinner and see one of those films of terror than EVER we dare to see alone.

If your plan is to stay at home, you probably decant by any of the classics: psychosis, La Matanza de Texas, Friday the 13th... The list is endless! And there are some weapons essential if you want to survive this film night. Ensure you of that all your House is well closed and nobody tries to spend you a joke, sit you in the place more comfortable from the salon and embraces a pad with all your forces. So, you're already ready to give the play and yell every five minutes.

Kitchens of fear!

One of the best plans for those that prefer staying at home is to prepare Halloween meal. The legendary pumpkin is not the only thing edible in the most terrifying night of the year. Do you want to know some suggestions?

The pastry can be one of the outputs to your creative genius on a night like this. Them cookies of butter with forms ghostly can make them delights of them small of the House and, also, they themselves can help you with the development. It same occurs with those cupcakes that can decorate with motives of Halloween that, in addition to delicious, will make tremble of fear to your Diners. Another sweet classics of these dates, especially in our country, are the bones of Saint made with marzipan and, every day, with more variations of flavor. A classic that no can miss in your table these days.

For the more daring: the cemetery

We know that to some of you I like the emotions strong and more in this night. By this, within this list of plans of Halloween, you propose some excursions very special: visits to the cemeteries more singular and emblematic of our country.

In the North, we find La Carriona, Avilés (Asturias) cemetery, filled with sculptures of artistic relevance and full of allegories. In the Basque country, for example, we have Polloe cemetery in San Sebastian. In it you can see large cemeteries and, Furthermore, there rests one of older women's rights advocates: Clara Campoamor. For its part, the city of Barcelona houses two peculiar Holy fields to visit this Halloween: the cemetery of Poble Nou and Montjuic. Another of the cemeteries more loaded of art and history of our country is the of Granada, that form part of the joint monumental of the Alhambra.

An excursion to the terror

What you would seem to pass the night of the 31 of October lost in a place enchanted and terrifying? Another of the ideas for Halloween is that lame your backpack, a kit basic of survival and, when is punto's fall the afternoon, go to visit some village or some forest with charm. That Yes, tries to go always in group not only because is more fun, but also because will be more secure for you.

Paranormal occurrences are common in the ravine of Badajoz in Tenerife, an old mine still retains the machinery and that is replete with lush vegetation and strange people. Belchite (Zaragoza) and their psicofonías, as well as Bélmez in Jaén and the famous faces appearing on its walls, are other peoples that prowl the night of Halloween. Campsites throughout and many wooded areas, especially in the Galician area, stored in its history a number of legends about monsters, ghosts and zombies that will put goose bumps...

Of travel by the world

Can be that, due to a trip scheduled, a scholarship of studies or by reasons work, passes the day of Halloween out of our borders. Perhaps, you will take advantage of these last days of month to do some travel. Either way, you should take note of the best destinations for this night.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting places to live the 'day of the dead' is Mexico. As you know, the country is flooded with catrinas, women who make up their faces with great detail to mimic death. In addition, Mexicans flock to cemeteries to honor their dead with them which were their favorite foods in life. In this peculiar interpretation of it death, spend the night in field Holy and organized large parties full of lights and music around the tombs.

The Celtic origin of the feast of Halloween makes us move to Edinburgh. The City turns to this day and many costumed residents recovered the traditions of their ancestors first on the day of Halloween through a carefully selected performance in the Centre of the city. In addition, the Grefriars cemetery is one of the terrifying places to visit if you're in the city these days. Of course, some cities American with extensive history as Salem, in Massachusetts, famous by the hunting of witches, or the busy New York are destinations very recommended in Halloween.

Now that you have got eight ideas, what you prefer you? Get your pumpkin and halloween that not getting caught without plans!
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