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↠Benefits of facial Yoga, natural beauty tips and tricks馃挄

It is a technique that relies on the exercise of the muscles of the face and neck with an effect of toning that produces a natural lift, through postures that promote blood flow and cell regeneration (antiaging). Also stimulates the production of collagen and with all skin rejuvenation.

We are interested to know more about the facial Yoga and practice it
Conscious breathing exercises which oxygenate the body helping to release the toxins that accumulate are incorporated in practice. Conscious breathing is used in yoga because it relaxes tensions and balances the nervous system.

It will surprise you to recognize that our own repetitive gestures often contribute to create tension and cause wrinkles.

Facial Yoga gives you a rejuvenated image and a relaxed expression, in a natural way.

What is the function of our skin?
The skin is the largest organ of the body, is highly vascularized, and its functions are to absorb oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide and other toxins, help to maintain body temperature, eliminates perspiration in potassium, sodium, lactic acid, etc.

Facial Yoga and practice it

It consists of three layers epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis has a coating that helps protect us from bacteria. Deeper is the dermis, where the sweat and sebaceous glands, hair follicles, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves, everything is held together by connective tissue called collagen, with facial Yoga exercises we maintain their elasticity, and acting also on the hypodermis, that stores and distributes water and nutritive substances.

The skin on the top of the muscle and Facial Yoga aims to tone and increase the volume of the muscles, so the skin looks more plumped.

Why has it become fashionable facial yoga?

In a society where the external image has gained extraordinary importance both for men and women, where the cosmetic companies have commercialized all kinds of creams to delay aging, facial Yoga has been an excellent practice that so natural aid to redensify the skin, combat sagging of the face and slow down aging, as well as providing calm and combat stress.

 Natural beauty secrets and tips

Often it sounds strange to hear that we need to exercise the face but here are a few reasons:

Activates the blood circulation (which feeds us) and it oxygenates the skin.

Collaborates with the Elimination of impurities with what the skin looks more luminous.

It acts on the lines of expression and blurs them, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

It enhances the look, combats the drooping of the eyelids and reduces dark circles.

馃挄 Here! video tutorials to learn how to do it.

Incredible is the tension that builds up in your face; in brow, forehead, eyes, jaw and neck that can produce pain in the joint mandibular tempo and even headaches tension. Facial Yoga helps you to release it.

It is a method that, once you've learned it, can do you yourself, and is going to be super effective and economic. It contains no toxic ingredients or paraffin, nor paralyzes muscles like botox that you expressiveness or needles are used. Facial Yoga is 100% natural and only need your hands. It brings you more expressiveness, a cheerful look and greater confidence in yourself. When we are better, we also feel better and communicate more safely.

When its practice is recommended?

The practice of facial exercises, give the impression of a facelift, by what waking up in the morning will help that muscle starts, activate the microcirculation and see us with good side while if we make them at night to get home, they help ease accumulated tensions and improve the rest.

But there are other times during the day that you can practice them. as you walk down the street, while these sitting on the couch watching TV, in the queue at the supermarket, at the airport if they waiting for a long time, while driving and they trapped in a queue or at traffic lights, and above all when you have an appointment or going to attend an event that you want to show your best image and take beautiful photos.

Recommended practice 10 - 15 minutes a day, or every other day. Because the muscles need rest.

At SalonExperts we want to recommend you some video tutorials that by true we use and they are very good, if you want to know more about the facial Yoga and as a practice it, here you have the link.

Thanks always girls for being interested in our tips, will continue to work to improve so that you feel comfortable with the information they need here.

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