noviembre 15, 2016

How affects the cold to your skin?

Tightness, dryness, redness... The low temperatures pass invoice and not worth with Harbor is to protect them areas more sensitive as the face.

The cold is very aggressive to the skin of the face, so you should protect it with highly nutritious products.

Climatic factors of the winter (cold, wind, sudden changes in temperature, environmental dryness) assume an aggression to our skin. Unlike in summer, we often protect us more and more of the Sun, at this time we forget our skin. And however, the cold can be very detrimental especially for the finest and most sensitive skins.

According to us explain them experts of Eucerin, in winter, with the cold, the skin reacts "narrowing them vessels blood to protect the body facing the loss excessive of heat." "The temperatures cold persistent reduce the secretion of them glands Sebaceous and cause the drying of the skin".

Moisturizes whenever you need your hands and your lips.

Two areas that are especially sensitive to drying and you must indulge much in winter to avoid suffering. Always carry your bag in a rich and nourishing hand cream and lip balm or cocoa.

The nose, forehead or Chin, which usually present a more oily skin, better endure attacks on winter, while cheeks are most affected, as well as the lips, whose thin skin may crack.

Another area of the body that also suffers a lot in winter are the hands. Not only because we do not protect them with gloves, but also because they are one of those areas that we often forget in our beauty routine. If we add you to wash them more frequently than other areas, drying is very common and more in winter.

How to care for your skin in winter

Hydration: it is essential to prevent dryness, that translates into tension, and ultimately in premature wrinkles. Apply moisturizer all over the body after shower (avoid using hot water to dry even more skin).

  •  for your face. 

Forget the light textures, which are for the summer. As soon as reaches the cold you should use creams more nutritious, especially if your skin is dry. Don't leave home without your moisturizer. And if your skin is very sensitive to cold, you always carry with you a jar to be able to reapply at any time, as tension notes.

  • Products anti-redness

If your skin is very sensitive and tends to Redden, incorporates to your beauty routine serums and creams anti-redness.

  • Don't forget the sun protection factor. 

In winter also there are that protect it from the Sun. May not need a sunscreen if your cream already includes sunscreen, but if not, yes you must throw you over guard.

  • Moisturizing and repairing masks.

In the evening, take advantage to give your skin an extra hydration using moisturizing and repairing masks once a week. And then applying a nourishing cream and facial oils.

  • Moisturizes whenever you need your hands and your lips.

Two areas that are especially sensitive to the dryness and that you must pamper much in winter to avoid that suffer. Always carry your bag in a rich and nourishing hand cream and lip balm or cocoa.

  • Drink water.

Associate the idea of drinking water with the summer and the heat, but in winter also you must hydrate you by inside. Besides the effect of drying wind and cold, the heating causes environmental dryness. Get used to drinking water throughout the day to stay well hydrated on the inside.

  • Star ingredient: hyaluronic acid. 

Not is the unique, but yes one of them ingredients more important for fight against the drying, so seeks creams and serums with acid hyaluronic so your skin has all the hydration that need in winter.

Our selection of creams and treatments to take care of your skin in winter.

Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum for Face 20% with Hyaluronic Acid

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