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Achieve a hair with volume, is the constant struggle of women with fine strands.

Have you thin hair? takes note of these tips, and you will begin to see how to change your look to show strength and thickness.

Foolproof tricks

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Get your straight hair to get volume, follow these tips:

* Wash. When choosing your shampoo, conditioner and mask, opt for specific lines to give volume. Rinses do not provide weight and you hydrate without removing body to your hair, apply them from means to ends, and controlling the quantities.

* Untangle. Attempts to dry your hair down, so bring you more dynamism. When you retire the moisture completely, never use a comb or brush; the best thing is that you try to massage out with a naturally support the fingers and so take.

* Drying technique. Get a massage with the palms of the hands on the roots, so that they mobilize in all directions. Lowers the head again and use the hairdryer in that same position. Opt for a diffuser head. Finally, to set the effect using lacquer, and moves the hair by hand.

how to get volume in hair, how to give your hair volume

You may want to know: homemade remedies to thicken thin hair: Enemies of your hair.

Some products are heavy for certain hair. For example, fines become limp and without volume, with nourishing cosmetics, foams or gels; so it is best to consult with the stylist.

If you are tired of always wear smooth and lifeless, follow these simple tips you get a hair with body and movement.

Utensils for more volume

It uses some Combs for rougher effect, making it seem like more abundant. Alternatively, you can brush a skeleton by roots while drying, to give it more body. The curls and waves facilitate the hairstyles on the thin strands; both provide a greater sense of movement.

Can choose which court?

The best practice is to take it short. You can opt for a tousled effect, or asymmetric cut. One of which is more fashionable is the pixie. But if you prefer long, the Ideal is to have it in layers or straight, with the same length throughout the hair. Both alternatives will prevent split ends. For best results, while you dry it, mark the shape out with a brush; This will give you more mobility.

Other tricks that you will give good results

  • Keep your hair short. 

While most grow your hair, more pressure exerted on the roots. When is overloaded, your hair will have more difficulties to raise is and be so full as is possible. By opting for a shorter haircut, you will put less pressure on your roots and maximize the volume you can get.

  • Opt for straight courts. 

When the ends of your hair are thin and layered, it tends to make your hair look thinner. You can see extreme examples of this in the "scene" hairstyles tips. To make that your hair seems to have more volume, choose a court with tips straight and pull.

  • drying

See countercurrent. Find out in what direction your hair remains smooth and then straight in the direction opposite. This will create a lift at the roots, since your hair still tries to go to the other side.

This works best if it combine with products for the hair intended to increase the rising in the estate and keep the hair in place. A basic lacquer is good for starters.

So, for example, dry yourself the hair to go towards the left. Once it is dry, straight and fix it to the right. READY: Instant uprising with almost no effort!

  • Give a magic touch 

You can add many volume to curl your hair. Just think of all those permanent 80s (of course, that was too much volume). Although perhaps not want opt for a permanent, can use an iron curling irons basic and products for the hair to have and keep curls in your hair by a day or two.

When you get curls, use waves out.

  1. This will divert eyes from the center of your face, making your hair look even more voluminous.

  • Straight from side, this gives more volume and a cute style

Get the side sweep. Instead of separating your hair to the Center, separate your hair to one side. This will double the volume of the front section of hair, making it look crowded. The other side is destined to be smaller in this style, so the less bulky hair will not be out of place.

This hairstyle probably will require something of coordination with your cut, so perhaps need plan it ahead of time. However, if you have long hair with layers, you should be able to easily change to this hairstyle.

  • Short your hair in layers

It is considered the layers. Consider experimenting with hair with layers. There is much disagreement about if layers help or hinder when it comes to making your hair look fuller. It seems to help some people and more make the problem worse for others. You will only have to try it for yourself and see how you have left.

TIP: change

A little trick to give volume is to alternate the side of the dividing line; a day in the law, in the Centre, next to the left, and so every time...