noviembre 28, 2016

馃挍 How To Do Cat Eye Makeup, Cat Eye Look馃挍

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The feline look based on a torn eye makeup is ideal for all types of eyes, especially to beautify those almond-shaped or conceal those closer together than normal.

It is a very simple technique that has a bit of mana to draw the top line of the eyelid as a prerequisite.

We will start applying the concealer cover signs of tiredness as the dark circles. With the Illuminator, we will activate the light points and create new ones as in the lacrimal and foreign from under edges of eyebrows. It is never more applied a special base to eyelids that will make our make-up longer lasting.

The secret lies in eyeliner 馃挍 

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Trace the line of the eye with an eyeliner, liquid or cream, from the tear towards the end of the eye, which go more thin to thicker. Make it a little longer that the size of the eye bowing towards the end of the eyebrow.

To get the effect slanted eyes is important that traces the stripe on the bottom inside tabs line of the eye with a black pencil, especially at the ends of the eye by tracing a line that we joined with the upper line to increase that feline effect, thus forming a triangle that we blur with the help of a brush.

In terms of shadows, in this case we fill the mobile eyelid with colors both matte and satin-finished, always being more discrete during the day than at night.

The tabs will play a key role and therefore we will apply a double layer of mascara from the root to the tips leading them towards the temples. In the evening we can emphasize look torn with individual false eyelashes, but only at the ends.

This 'cat eye' look will give a mysterious and exotic touch that will make our eyes an aggravation of the most sensual.

How to make eye stripe: the art of eyeliner 馃挍 

Now the time of one of the moments most feared when it comes to make-up, it's to make us the eye stripe. My biggest advice are the right tools and patience, make a good eye stripe fails the first time to do it, but that will take us a little time.

The first thing that I would say would be that you despid谩is the pen to make the stripe in the eyelid, why? Maybe because in reality it won't last over one hour, or two, intact and your eye will look like that of a raccoon, as well as the beautiful accent to your marked dark circles with black corrected.

How to make the stripe of the eye, are liquid or cream eyeliner?

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Liquid eyeliner is not always easy to handle, because the liquid texture and his brush is often not a faithful companion of our battered pulse. This type of eyeliner is used for looks more marked, as it can be an accompanied by a maxi evening make-up eyelash.

To get the liquid eyeliner is recommended to support hand somewhere to keep the heart rate controlled, at least the first few times you go to the stripe. A trick, is very useful when it comes to makeup eyes, it is that, rather than keep a straight head looking into the mirror and closing one eye, you leaning the head by lifting the Chin in such a way that you see in the mirror but your eyes are practically closed.

If you go by in cream eyeliner, congratulations, it is much easier to implement and gives a less aggressive look. Using a brush specially designed for this purpose, we will draw a slit, starting from the end, and when our brush has less product will focus on the area of the tear.

If we settled us both a product and on the other hand, never estir茅is the eyelid to paint it, because once you solt茅is the drawing will not be the same and it is likely that perfectly smooth stripe, make a zig-. zag. It is better to use that hand to hold the hand pulse that draws.

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