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馃巹 Really love yourself? rebuild your self esteem, you will feel and you will be much more beautiful馃巹

The majority of women are not happy with our bodies. This is a fact. If not which our couples say! We feel unsafe, imperfect and we are always "fat", no matter what happens.

According to recent studies, our personal growth could be linked to the relationship with our family and friends. Especially by their criticism or compliments and if these have - mainly - focused on our physical appearance.

Perhaps there is a bit of this in the female psychology, but being fair, the blame could share with the environment and the values of today's society. No one is 100% satisfied with what is and what has, we know that, but if we do not take a positive attitude towards things, more complicated it will be everything.

Do you think if we put into practice some tips to accept and love ourselves a little more? For them!

Expand your notion of beauty

Beauty does not have to be size zero. In addition, notions of beauty depend on each person. Take a look at the ancient goddesses, Botero pictures or look at a chapter of Mad Men.

Internal criticism... to shut up!

We must stop being so harsh with ourselves. If we are fatal and don't have anything good to say to us, at least, we try to see the positive or neutral side of the situation. If you don't like your hips, focus on what you do like you: your face, your hair, your hands. No you can set only the bad, okay?

Goals: self-esteem

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People who enroll in a gym, start workouts with friends or participating in workouts for slimming, experience improvements in their personal perception and lower levels of anxiety related to their physical appearance, according to recent research.

Take a bite of reality...

The idea is not to leave your plans to eliminate those pounds that make you feel uncomfortable, but you can not fall into the trick of buying the clothes that you will use when you make it. This creates impatience and frustration. Better take the reality and give you a good snack. Works with what you have, so you like it and highlight it.

The exercise of confidence

Become your own coach: walking upright with your head high, shoulders back and an expression of pleasure on your face. It's a little cheating at your head, but in a good way. Rather than being crestfallen and bad vibes, go through life emanating confidence, eventually, the feeling will be shown naturally.

Pamper yourself

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Is there something that you are passionate about? Do you love to dance, cooking, reading? The sensory satisfactions remaining emphasis to your problem of appearance and allow you to give greater importance to and experience your body. Go out to walk, get a body treatment or massage, you will follow a balanced diet, they will help you to feel better with you and the image you project.

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