diciembre 08, 2016

馃巹This Christmas to keep your weight control, with these natural beauty tricks馃巹

Come Christmas and, as always, the shadow of the overweight hangs over our figures. It is impossible to do any excess, but this is not an excuse to leave and then repent of what we have done.

Christmas is a time to share with friends and family, and this always happens around a table full of food. Many times we think that we can do nothing to avoid it, but we do have the possibility of doing so. Today SalonExperts want to show you some natural beauty tricks to get it.

You can control your weight

December is not the most auspicious month for us the challenge of losing weight. It is ideal to have in his head that we should keep what we have so far. Past parties there it will be time to regime without having so many temptations around that all they will get is frustrated.

Our agenda will be full of dinners and lunches which you can not miss. You not deprive of anything you want, but that doesn't mean you should stoke up food with a large number of calories.Click Here!

Another important point is exercise. As there is too much time, and the only thing we want is to enjoy free days, you must be at least the challenge of walking 40 minutes on a daily basis.

Alcohol is also one of the main protagonists of these dates and a great enemy to our figure. Do not overdo and drink in moderation.

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Don't get carried away by the temptations

If you are a person that lack them willpower a trick to take the hunger is to take a tomato or carrot juice before attending any dinner or lunch.

The days have no culinary commitments is interesting to you submit to a diet Detox as that we show you below:

  • For breakfast: take a bowl of cereal high in fiber with papaya and milk to skim.
  • To eat: A chicken soup that you've previously removed the fat and an omelet.
  • For dinner: A salad or a stew of vegetables will be sufficient for the last meal of the day.Click Here!

Thank you for consider our recommendations, at SalonExperts are 100% sure that if you put in action, work.

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