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馃挄beautiful in few minutes, natural beauty tricks

A帽adir leyeactivate the circulation, beautiful in few minutes, best natural beauty tips 
We  spent life running and almost no longer have time to make aesthetic and beauty treatments and so take care a little more. SalonExperts want to give you some tips to take care of our beauty in daily in a few minutes.

Today's woman worries about its beauty, his career and his family, so the time to pamper yourself is dwindling. If you don't have spaces in your routine to go to a center of aesthetic or a spa, you say here as being beautiful in a few minutes.

In the morning

It may be a little heavy to advance the alarm a few minutes, but throughout the day will end up thanking him. When you take a shower, I recommend that you spend to activate the circulation, give you a massage all over the body by ascending circles.


This will also serve to wake you, since the last minutes will have to finish shower with cold water from the ankles to the neck, insisting on legs and chest.

Then get a peel, which is Basic for having a good appearance and finish with the dead skin cells. If you do it once a week, you'll see how the results are amazing.

When wash you your hair, in addition to shampoo it applies minutes a softening mask that you moisturise and give you brightness.

Once you have finished in the shower, apply over your body some firming cream, will serve to restore the elasticity that is lost with the passage of time and it will be the best treatment against aging.

At night

To get home after work, the best for your body and your mind is to enjoy a bath with approximately 37 degrees and which does not exceed 20 minutes. During bathing apply a mask relaxing, refreshing and nourishing, depending on how your skin is and you will see how little by little the results are incredible.

Too many things are not yet the opportunity to dedicate a few minutes exclusively for you, will be fantastic for your beauty and your psychic relaxation.

Try it and tell us the results!

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