diciembre 17, 2016

Best eyelash curler

best eyelash curler brand

In this modern age of cosmetics, you have so many options, tools and choices to enhance your beauty, and one of them is an eyelash curler that is generally used for making your eyelashes look more attractive and glamorous. Eyelashes can be curled by using an eyelash curler, and this lovely little tool makes your eyes look wider and brighter. Long eyelashes are a sign of exotic feminine beauty and if it can be curled properly, then it is almost like an icing on a delicious cake!
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Eyelash curler could be used effectively on clean and mascara-free eyelashes. Clean your eyelashes thoroughly before using these curlers. You can use a good make-up remover to clean your eyelashes. Metal eyelash curlers seem to be better than those fragile looking plastic eyelash curlers. Metal eyelash curlers are also better known as “heated eyelash curlers”. These are preferred by everyone, because it can
provide you long lasting curls for many hours, whereas the cold eyelash curlers can set the curls for not more than a couple of hours.

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Electrical eyelash curler works on the principle of low heat transfer to the eyelashes for adding curls in a sophisticated way. This is obviously safer for use as your eyes are not directly subjected to the heat of the blower. When you're planning to use a blow-dryer eyelash curler, make sure that the curler is not too hot as it may hurt your eyes. In case you're not cautious, you may even burn the eye lashes altogether

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Some time ago, heated eyelash curlers were extensively used by the make-up artistes, celebrities, and many glamorous women. In this case, the metal curler of the blow dryer gets heated up very slowly, and the ensuing heat curls up your eyelashes for a beautiful look. Because of the long lasting curls, heated eyelash curler had an undeniable edge over the ordinary, conventional cool eyelash curler, which ensured only a couple of hours of curling. Though using the heated eyelash curler is a bit risky, beauty and thousands of women prefer to use this tool for their eyelashes.

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As the upper eyelashes of the eyelid are curled upwards and the lower ones are curled downwards, eyes become wider and you add a brighter look to your face. As a result of this, your eyes become the point of attraction for everyone in the hall. As everyone knows that eyes form an important part of our body, beautifully created curled eyelashes give an added touch to your beauty, irrespective of the complexion of your face.

Ask any of those famous make-up artiste and page three celebrities, they would definitely vouch for those long, thick and dark eyelashes, which can be an instant hit on any given day or a social event. When you have a set of eyelash curlers (either plain kind or the heated eyelash curler) in your makeup kit, you can always ensure a lovely looking pair of eyes that can sparkle and shine even under low lighting conditions.

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