diciembre 05, 2016

steps to care for your skin and highlight its beauty before the makeup, natural beauty tricks

To create a successful image must work both internally and externally of yourself and your life. Your peace of mind, your harmony and love that you feel for yourself, are some internal aspects; on the other hand, the care of your health, your body, your skin, your hair, among others, are external aspects of equal importance. Today from SalonExperts we want to share with you some key steps and natural beauty tips, prep your skin before make-up, which will help to make both your makeup and your skin always spectacular.

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Step #1 cleans your face:

It is important that you clean your skin before applying any makeup, makeup on a dirty skin is like painting on a used canvas. The cleaning process even if it takes only a few minutes, also is an opportunity to activate the circulation of blood in your face.

 Apply cleansing milk or cream special for your type of skin, making circular movements using the tip of your fingers, or using cotton or sponges for this function. If you use sponges to keep them clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. I recommend you do weekly a natural exfoliation of your face in the following way: take 6 strawberries and a little water and blend. Then add a tablespoon of sugar to the mixture, then apply it all over your face and neck to clean it of impurities.

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Step #2 tones your skin:

After cleaning the skin, we must remove the remains of makeup and impurities, using a tonic. This will help to close the pores and as its name indicates it to tone your skin. It is important to not have alcohol since alcohol can dry out your skin.

Step #3 hydrates your skin:

This is one of the most important steps as if the skin is well hydrated, it will look much more rested and youthful. In addition the makeup will look better and will have more duration. It is important that you choose a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.

Procedure: It starts with the base of the neck, sliding your fingers upward from the base of the neck into the jaw. Using both hands, continues from the Chin toward your ears upward motion, then around the lips, nose, then from the sides of the nose at the temple. Later in the front, sliding from brow to the sides, and up to the hairline.

Also you can do the following natural mask, take two tablespoons of whole oats in a bowl, then add milk and let it stand for 10 minutes, then blend the mixture end apply on your face clean and wet, let it dry and removed with water, then put moisturizer on your face, this eliminates impurities, tightens pores and gives it more gentle to your skin also will notice that your skin is cleaner and radiant, we can do this daily 2 times a day.

Step #4 hydrates your eyes:

Hydrate yourself correctly prevents having drooping eyelids and expression lines and premature wrinkles. If daily shots enough water at least 8 glasses a day, avoid forming bags on your eyelids,  in addition to this you give much more beauty and hydration to your skin.

Cucumbers are an excellent remedy for eyelids. Apply slices of fresh cucumber on the eyes, let them work for 15 to 20 minutes. This homemade method helps to moisturize the eyes.

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To revitalize your eyes, placed in the refrigerator Chamomile tea bags, once they are cold put them in the eyes for 10 minutes.

The area around your eyes is a very delicate skin that should be treated with special care. Use daily after the moisturizing a good eye contour product to give you extra hydration and firmness to the area, in addition to preventing premature wrinkles so little press. Use the tip of your finger ring to spread the product with light touches around your eyes.

Step #5 Use anti-sunburn:

 It is very important that apply anti-sunburn daily come out or not in your home (computers and some types of artificial lights also do damage to your skin), this is a key step to ensure healthy skin for years. I recommend you use a minimum sun protection factor of 50.

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