diciembre 21, 2016

Beautiful eye makeup, Salonexperts beauty tips and makeup

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A variety of eye makeup colors has a lot to offer to a woman,  that is adding a subtle touch more marked beauty in her beautiful and charming face. Eyeshadow colors can provide a touch of sophistication to use them correctly and applying only the amounts needed to get that look that we want to take. in this article. I will comment a little about highlight the beauty of eyelashes, eyelids, eye sockets, hiding all the shadows and other minor aberrations as circles, swelling, and bags under the eyes.

Before you make up your eyes I recommend that you get wet a cotton ball with water cold and you rub it gently in your eyes, this cleans your eyes, will the bloating that disappear and your eyes look revitalized, then apply a moisturizer for around the eyes, if you do this process daily you will notice that your look will be fresher and the makeup will be perfect.

The most important makeup for eyes is:

There are thousands of ranges of colors and shades available in any cosmetic store, you can choose between those tones with metallic Sheen more mineralized that they provide it with velvety textures, pearly, shiny and frosted for a makeup at night, while make-up your eyes of day to your work you can use brown tones and bring you more to the natural color of your skin.

The color of eye makeup gets much greater when used with pigments of natural colors. Pigments add an extra touch of color at higher densities, and these can be used for those special events and occasions.

The make-up the eyes often frightens us that sometimes we do not know how to start, that's why in this article I will talk it about the basic technical you need to know to making for a radiant look. So attentive that to continuation I will give you every detail:

  • Use first or pre-base: this hide any defect or veins of your eyes and in addition, will make your make-up not cracking and last much more. Opts by a first opaque and if like a finished matte, seeks that of them drier, also, if the first not comes with applicator then can apply it gently with your fingers clean, applied from the line of them tabs to where ends the eyelid mobile, to the use first will notice that your shadow of eyes see more radiant and perfect.
  • If you prefer a natural makeup then you choose to apply shadows in shades of sand, beige or cream, just above the tabs far ends the eyelid.

If you want to have your eyes more depth, then you will need two shades of shadow, apply a shade of warm in the eyelid mobile base and then a color shade more dark to give depth, apply in the corner of the eyelid phone and sees climbing in the same line by making a line for contouring the eyelid phone, then it fades to give a professional and natural look.

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When it's eye makeup, we need to know the type of brushes to use for each type of look you want to bring, for example, you speak of as makeup with the look of smoky eyes step by step so attentive:


1 chooses the right brushes: we will use 2 natural bristle brushes, one is the E35 of Sigma and the other is. Zoeva 227, these two are wonderful because we help place correctly and subtly color transition and make a perfect blend with other colors that we will use in the process of blurring, other two brushes are number 7 by Rae Morris and sigma 745 these will use them to the area more dark of the shading, here are 4 basic blurring brushes.

2. what we will do in this step is to apply the first or pre-base, we apply it on the eyelid and we sealed it with a shade of soft color, this help does not run down the shade and your makeup lasts more, in case of not having a first, you can do the same procedure with a foundation of a soft tone.

3. From your eye shadow color palette, select a color transition, this that is similar to your skin tone but a little darker, I'll use a soft Brown, we will use the brush for this Sigma E35, take the brush from the bottom to make a very soft line, we will take a bit of shadow and give small touches we eliminated excess , we will apply motion circular blur up gently on top of the movable eyelid line, go by applying the product of little bit so the makeup will look much more professional.

4. Now that we have our color already applied the transition, now we are going to intensify the look and for this, we will take a shadow Brown, we will use this brush. Zoeva 227, and from the end of the eyelid, we will start applying circular movements and little in just a blurred line of brown, from the edge of the eyelid and gently go up across the line of the eyelid. We take again the brush we use the principle this time only to blur the line boundary between the two colors, so mix them between is vera as a gradient.

5. In this step will use the third brush mentioned before the number 7 of Rae Morris apply deep black shadow with this in circular movements we make a v at the edge of the eyelid, and we will be creating it gently and carefully, if like that you have left this part more perfect, uses a bit of tape on the edge of the eyelid, are impressive vera.

6. With a flat brush, we will take shade cream and will place it carefully in the eyelid only movable by pressing gently, just below the line of the eyelid which previously we blur, this step also you can use a shiny shade of a color clear.

7. At the bottom of the eye, we will use the sigma brush E32 and a shaded Brown blur across that line of the eye, in the area of the lower lashes.

8. With your eyeliner, make the outline of the eyes.

9. Apply mascara and if you use false eyelashes you can place, your makeup will be great.

For this look of eyes, I recommend a painted lips pink matte, You'll be truly divinely and beautiful.