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Eye Makeup Tips and Eye and smoky makeup , Eyelash tricks

Eye Makeup Tips

When applying eye makeup, it is important to understand what styles of eye makeup works best for which occasion. Everyday casual looks and daytime events such as weddings and garden parties call for minimal eye makeup. Bold eye makeup should be saved formal events or a night out on the town. The rest of your cosmetic color choices should be based around your eyes. For instance, if you choose to go with a dramatic eye, skip the bold lip color; it's simply too over powering. However, if you want to go with bright red lipstick, or something similar to that, lighter eye makeup is the best choice. SalonExperts, is feel very happy of bring you this post, in which you can identify the style of makeup right for each occasion, our favorite is the smoky eye makeup, hope that we let know which is your style preferred.

Next you will want to choose your colors. The color of your eye shadow shouldn't clash with what your wearing, although it doesn't necessarily have to match perfectly. Most importantly it should compliment your skin tone and bring out the color of your eyes. Earth tones such as copper and sand are great for contouring and work with any skin color. Pastels are great for the Spring and Summer seasons, and look best on people with light skin tones.

Before applying your eye shadow, place loose white powder underneath your eye. This will catch any excess eye shadow, and allow it to be easily brushed away, instead of sticking to the skin. To apply the eye shadow, gather a generous amount on the brush, and tap away

Starting at the inner eye, sweep across the lid, close to the lash line, to the outer edge of the eye. Try to keep this eye close, and let the color set before opening your eye again; this prevents visible creases in your makeup. Add more shadow until you get your desired pigment. You can also add another color at the crease of your eye, to contour the shape of your eye. Make sure to blend the two colors, by using the brush in a circular motion, right at the borderline between the two colors. For a bold look that makes your eyes appear larger, dap a bit of a black shadow right on the outer edge of your eye, and blend. Make sure to brush away the loose powder when you are finished.

The eye shadow is the toughest part. Once that is in place, there are a few more things you may want to do to further highlight your eyes. Using a flat brush apply a black powder in place of eye liner; this will define the eyes and enhance the overall boldness of your look. curl your eyelashes without curler just using a spoon before apply Mascara is also a key part to making your eyes look full and open. Place the mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes, wiggle it just a touch, then slowly pull the wand through your lashes, rotating it as you go. Do this to each section of your eye lashes, starting slightly higher on the lash each time to extended the length of your lashes. Fake eye lashes can be added for formal events, because mascara can only do so much! Make sure to curl your lashes before and after you use mascara or attach false eyelashes. Lastly, cap things off by paying a bit of attention to your brows. Groom them using a brow brush and a clear gel. Add a touch of white or bronze eye shadow right at the brow bone for a sultry, exotic look. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil using small lines that mimic the hairs. Read More...Eyelash tricks


By following these eye makeup tips you should find eye shadow, liner and mascara easier to apply, with an even better outcome. These ideas can be edited for different events, depending on how bold you want your eye to be. Most importantly, play around with these ideas to find out what routine works best for your face.

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