diciembre 26, 2016

Face Make Up Powder Brush, Importance and Uses


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Do you use a good brush for makeup every day? If your answer is no, I recommend that you start them using already the softness and the natural finish that will give to your makeup will be clean and perfect, plus you will at the same time treating the skin of your face gently, which is important when it comes to make-up. There seems to be an ever-growing popularity for this wonderful makeup tool.

you ask of that are made these wonderful brushes, which cause this natural effect and a smooth face to the make-up, as brush to clarify, these are made of natural hair that usually is the softest and expensive and other are made of nylon synthetic hair, natural hair are made with hairs of Martens, goats, squirrels, polecat and ponies, but don't you worry these animals at any time are mistreated, the hairs are achieved by cosmetic companies to shave its tail or even single styling them, for example, MAC Cosmetics has a campaign called "Beauty without cruelty" and only use the hairs that emerge naturally from the animal. The favorites of the professional makeup artist and cosmetics companies are the hairs of Marta kolinsky.

THE importance of using natural hair brushes is the ability to retain moisture and its ability to provide a neatly brushed effect, sometimes as an alternative to the natives also used the nylon that is less expensive and provides a good result, never better than the natives.

There are many grape varieties of makeup brushes to choose from, and each one has a different function, for example, large powder brushes are perfect to give effects of finish loose powder.

The makeup brushes always prove to be allied number one when it comes to using our make-up and make-up will be more comfortable and perfect finish. From now on is that less would be wonderful to use make-up for every occasion. In this article cosmopolitan shows you which are the different makeup brushes that you should always have on hand.

How to Choose a Good Face Makeup Powder Brush?

When choosing your makeup brushes it is important for you to know this:

  • The natural hair brushes: are ideal for use loose powder
  • The synthetic hair brushes: best are when using products in cream.
  • Other very important details that we need to know, it is the Court that has each brush can be flat, rounded, beveled or tip and depends on the area to apply makeup must choose one or the other.

Types of makeup brushes and so are used:

1 Foundation Brush: If you like wearing make-up liquids as the basis, it'll still brush base, using this will get a flawless finish. This can be natural hair or synthetic, to achieve a professional finish, gives small touches on the forehead, eyelids, Chin, nose, and cheek, extends the base movements outward and upward, so will cover blemishes and skin imperfections, so getting a clean and professional finish.
foundation brush-makeup tool

2. Brush blush: The width of the brush should be of equal size to the cheekbones, this highlight the cheek area, blurring the product with a very light and natural finish, to define the blushing smiles and extends from the center of the cheekbones, out. If you want to know that color blush is perfect for you, only gives soft touches on your cheeks and the turn red you can see which is the color that you'll.

Brush blush-makeup brush-makeup tool

Eyeshadows: this category is very broad since make-up the eyes there is a variety of brushes that can be used such as:

  1. The sponge applicator: serves to blend the eye shadow and its use is very important since with this we will have a shade more soft and natural in our eyes. This is one of the most used and can not miss in your Kit of makeup brushes.
  2. Eye shadow brush: this is special to apply the shadow, not allow dropping shadow to the lower eyelid and allows us to properly apply the shadow and spread it on the eyelid.
  3. Beveled brush: this is used for the eye contour, its shape allows for better precision in defining the area of the eye.
  4. Diffusing brush: mixing with eyeliner shade can get smoky eyes look.
  5. Brush to mark the outline of the eyes: This allows us to give more strength and vigor to our makeup highlighting so our eye contour.
  6. Eyebrow brush: with this, you can give shape to your eyebrows and keep them in the length desired and well combed.
  7. Lips brush: this brush can draw the contour of the lips, get your look larger lips and also can fill them with glitter or a lipstick with a matte finish as either is using this a lot!
  8. Brush for loose powder: Are perfect for sealing your makeup using translucent powder.

It is highly recommended that when using your makeup brushes clean them properly, because these the dirty they can throw dirt into your skin, causing blackheads and pimples, and we don't want that to happen ever, so follow these simple recommendations.

How to clean the brushes of makeup, this is a question that I have made many times and so today, I decided to talk about this so important detail, more forward explain them exactly how they can clean them very easily and so get rid of your skin problems.

It is important to note that each makeup brush has its own cleaning requirements therefore today will talk them about how to clean each one separately:

Foundation makeup brush: these are recommended to keep them washed in each use since the base is a bit greasy and the maximum that should wear without washing is 3 times. You can clean with dishwasher SOAP, since it follows the fat easily, another trick is to use olive oil apply a few drops in your hand and then in circular motion wipe it, this hydrated you also skin and it is excellent to clean your brush from base, finally rinse well with water very cold and let dry.

Natural hair brushes: these must be cleaned every week with shampoo, similar to the previous one should put a few drops in your hand and brush make circular movements gently, rinse and let dry.

Hair synthetic makeup brushes: these usually are very greasy, because they are the ones used to, products liquids, lipstick, etc., so also you can clean with dishwasher or olive oil. If not are very dirty you can do the same with neutral PH SOAP, by equal leave dry.

You can have a wide range of different cosmetics, but a collection of powder face makeup brush kits will give you the latest cosmetics benefit.

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