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Face Make Up Powder Brush


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Have you ever wondered why you should use face makeup powder brush when you can use the puff itself! There are several advantages and benefits of using a face makeup powder brush. First it is its natural advantage. It has many edges over the conventional puffs, no matter how fine textured they are! There seems to be an ever growing popularity for this wonderful makeup tool.

videoMore or less all face makeup powder brushes are made of wooden handles. Added to this, there is a ferrule which holds brush hairs, which is usually made from aluminum and anodized in a matching color for long lasting life. Apart from this, what distinguish a face make up powder brush are the hairs used to make it, its construction and size. Hairs are sourced from various animal skins and the most common ones are that sourced from squirrel, either as blended or mixed, ponies, goats, sable & red sable Badger. In some cases, manufacturers use artificial and synthetic hairs in their brushes.

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As the quality of the hairs used in these brushes matter the most, other factors like packaging and looks do not matter at all! However, you may even find Taklon brushes used as foundation brushes. There are enough reasons to choose a face makeup powder brush over synthetic brush. The most important of benefit of using a natural brush is its ability to hold the moisture and its capability to provide a neat brushing effect. Sometimes, nylon brushes are also used as an alternative to costlier natural brushes. Ferrules have the capability to fasten the hairs of face make up powder brushes to the handles of the tool. The ferrules are generally made up of aluminum and copper and are double crimped to avoid those painful edges. Occasionally, you may find a face make up powder brush made of brass ferrule which is harder than many other materials.

There are many varieties of powder brushes to choose from. What guides your buying decision is their utility and usage. You can effectively use a slant face makeup powder brush for applying cheek colors, while it is easy to pick up and spread powder with slant tip brushes. Large powder brushes are ideal for running loose powder finish effects. You can also use “shimmer sprinkle” brushes by dabbing them onto your face to provide a small amount of shimmer and glitter.

How to Choose a Good Face Make up Powder Brush?

Look for its hairs. Natural hairs give a better feel and scratch-free finish. Mink, sable and squirrel hairs are the finest and expensive. Cut of hairs matter. Cut hairs are the softest and cruelty free.
Shape and density counts important as well. These can decide where you use them and how often.
You may have a big assortment of different cosmetics, but a collection of face make up powder brush kits will provide you the ultimate benefit in the cosmetics.

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