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Natural Makeup Look Tips and How To Moisturize Your Skin before applying makeup

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It is very important that before apply makeup on your face always have present the hydration process that also provide you with freshness and care for your skin will make your makeup look even more natural and you see radiant, another thing you should know is that in this way your makeup will last much more, so I put much attention to this part will then explain how to do it correctly :

1 clean your face, first removes any traces of makeup that might still remain above, use make-up Remover special for the area of your eyes, eyelashes and facial cleanser or cleansing face gel, if you don't use make-up Remover, I recommend using coconut oil, is one of the best allies of the beauty.

2 tonifies the skin on your face, this step is as important as the previous one, as tonic to deep clean your pores, refreshes and revitalizes the skin, closes your pores, avoid makeup and dirt trapped in your pores and thus save those problems so uncomfortable that it can cause to have dirty pores. Atthis point, you have to keep in mind your skin type, because on this basis, it is preferable to use an astringent tonic or a more gentle toning lotion. The first for oily skins and the second for dry or sensitive skin.

Apply the tonic is very easy, because you should only moisten a cotton ball with it and wipe gently around your face by small touches, pay more attention to the area (forehead, cheeks and Chin) T. This what you will continue until the cotton is clean, this way you will be sure that your skin is ready for makeup.

3. This is the step most important, moisturize your skin, the use of moisturizers will make your look remains radiant during more time and also that your skin retain moisture and so avoid cracking and dryness in your makeup. Something very important is that it keeps the skin protected against possible attacks that may cause the daily use of makeup.

Choose according to your type of skin moisturizer and containing a high sun protection factor. To apply it correctly, it starts with the base of the neck and you go climbing to face up to extend it through all their areas through upward motion, this will help reaffirm your skin and aid to be maintained smooth.

These are the basic steps to clean and moisturize your face before makeup every day, but I recommend that you have a special attention to the area around your eyes, because it is a very sensitive skin and it is necessary to always apply a special cream for this area with light touches to blend it.

Here is the most fun of all! look, bearing in mind each step which I explain below:

brown eyeshadow-eyeshadow-makeup

Natural makeup look is a clever way to show ourselves as we are, only taking into account a few small details and highlighting those areas that highlight our beauty without exaggeration, leave an impression that we are not using anything makeup, and at the same time make us look truly radiant. Although the trends sometimes suggest those strong and marked tones and lips red and shiny or Matt, actually the real trick of makeup is to make other people think that we have not put any makeup at all.

Blends perfectly and get a makeup more natural, it is free!

The most likely are that when they think about natural makeup, the first colors that come to mind are not neon green, electric blue or red blood, as his instincts are correct, for a natural makeup earthy tones is the correct color palette, this includes the beige, Brown, bronze and copper. The trick is to always remain close to the colors that nature gave you when he comes to choose cosmetics, begins by choosing a palette of tone colors as beige, Brown, bronze, copper and pink ground. If you have a medium to light skin tone, use a Brown shade to outline the eyes, but steer clear of black eyeliner. Add a pink cream blush to the cheeks of a pink tone, or a tanning powder can be used in this area to highlight your cheekbones. These colors work on all skin tones. The finishing touch would be a pink tone soft matte or gloss for clear skin and subtle color tone mauve to dark skin tones.

Natural radiant Blusher - shy


If you have light skin, I recommend using a brown shadow in your eyes, right in the fold, this will highlight and will outline the shape of your eyes, this makeup continues to be appropriate for the day. For those with dark skin, a shade of color copper will give your eyes the same effect above mentioned, for this natural makeup, you must set aside the use of eyeliner, If you want to use it anyway, try to be a fine line, instead I recommend using a little bit of mascara to highlight the length of lashes, not use too much mascara as what you are trying to achieve is the natural effect of your eyes.

The blush is a product that definitely improves naturally our appearance, it is regrettable that it is often forgotten by the majority when it comes to makeup. More natural looking flush is a blush of color cream or liquid (also called spot). These have an effect which makes it seem that the color comes from your skin, a blush in pink cream is perfect for any skin tone. Those with light skin should go with light pink, and those with dark skin tones or average look better in a hot pink. The key to making it work correctly with your skin tone is to mix it properly. It is important to know that if flush is liquid or paste While most applies, will be more intense, so watch out, also you can use as an excellent choice bronzer powder that you will highlight your cheekbones, this works for any skin tone.

Lips are like with the loop in gift, even if you want a completely natural makeup, can have a little fun when applying some lip gloss over your lipstick and once more we opt for pink tones as they are great allies for all skin tones, follow the same rules for blush when it comes to choosing a pink tone. Those with medium skin tones also look great with a nude lip.

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