marzo 04, 2017

How to get bigger lips with makeup, get your 3D lips effect in five simple steps


If you want to really make a spectacular lips make-up and you would like to wear one of the new trends of this 2017, follow this tutorial how to make 3D lips step by step and I assure you that the results will be fantastic.

Step number one:

Exfoliate your lips, this is the first step to getting that your lips look radiant and more fleshy, also this help to the makeup that applique is set very well to your lips.

How do you do it?

Use a toothbrush wet and massage gently with circular motions for 5 minutes, will notice the difference after doing so.


At the end of the exfoliation must very well moisturize your lips after removing dead cells the makeup it penetrates more, you can use a balm moisturizer for this step.

The choice of color, this is one of them steps more important as before apply a lip or even buy it, is important that know that so well you go to your lips, for this applies a little in the yolk of them fingers, just in the area that more is seems to them lips, so you know if the color is ideal for you.

To identify which tones of lipstick you are best according to your tone of skin, can make it looking your veins and if are green your tone is warm and if are purple then your tone is cold if you see that are combined have a tone neutral that you are well all them tones of lipsticks.

Here share with you more information on the tones of lip if you like to know which are them tones warm of the lipstick and also I share with you what are tones cold to you have an idea.


To give definition to your lips only must outline with a pencil of the tone of your skin bordering them lips by outside, this besides to define also corrects the imperfections.


To make your 3D lips effect last more and that not leave you to the half of the party,  make outlines in the same tone that is set.

HOW TO: Ombre Lips Tutorial

Lips 3D effect

If you want to increase your size only you must apply a tone lighter in the center of the lower lip, this detail will make you look boast 3D lips and lead this extraordinary trend.

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